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CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing)

Availability of great design tools and advantageous splitting functions aid to increasing work adequately in shape configuration, thus reduce the manufacture cycle. CAD/CAM Software allows designers to focus on form plan while working in its outline application. Clearer mold design work processes, more flexible splitting attributes along with a broad range of mold base standards and standard parts are all features in CAD/CAM Software’s mold module comprise of functions like parting design, library, and tools. For example, ZW3D incorporates modules for doing mold designs, sheet metal layouts, and 2- thru 5-axis milling machining.

In particular, the turning module included into ZW3D 2012 software lets functions such as turn drilling, face cutting, threading cycles, rouging operation, and smooth surface finishing with accurate size machining process, grooving and turning, and part-off. The method of performing turning process is parallel for all sorts of CNC functions. Additionally, the parameters are put according to your machining prerequisites like the stock and cutter details, cutter attributes, and machine position then simulating the system.

A practical explanation is to modify the layouts that outline the foundation of 2D drawings. They seize preset paper sizes & formats, drawing configurations such as drawing borders and title blocks, connect relations with part attributes, drawing standards or guidelines such as textual styles, dimension and view traits, and strategies for projection and all of these can be set as defaults.

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