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Esskay Lathe & Machine Tools Manufactures All types and All Sizes of Medium duty lathe machine since 1978 and supplied all our machines worldwide.


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Esskay Lathe & Machine Tools Manufacturers of All types and All Sizes of Medium duty lathe machines since 1978 and supplied all our machines worldwide.

Our Valued customers from:

Thailand, Dubai, Nepal ,Bangladesh, Qatar, Saudi Arabia , Niger, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda , Sri-lanka , Maldives, Philippines , Kenya , united States of America, Italy , China , Kuwait, Indonesia , Turkey, Myanmar , Yemen , Oman , Egypt, Algeria, Mali , Bahrain,

Model No: EKL-1016
Machine Length 10 FEET
Technical Specification Inches mm
Bed Width 16 350
Center Height 14 300
Spindle Bore 3 TO 7 75 TO 175
Swing in Gap 40 1000
Swing over Bed 28 650
Swing Over Cross Slide 20 500
Admit Between center 76 1900
No. of Spindle Speeds 6 speeds 6 speeds
Leading screw dia 45 45
Motor Required 3 hp 3 hp
Machine Weight 1600 kgs 1600 kgs
STANDARD  ACCESSORIES Steady Rest , Follow rest , Dead center, change gears,Safety cover
FEATURES *Rigid section straight wide bed with hardened and ground guide ways

* Main spindle supported on precision ball bearings.

*Pre-loaded Leading screws and nuts for Turning and Threading.

* Rear tool post with tool holder.

* Hardened Ground Head stock spindle and Tail sock sleeve

*Bed ways- 3 v & 1 flat




Head Stock:

Head Stock is situated at the left side on the all types of horizontal lathe machines and it is the main part of the running mechanism and electrical mechanism of a Lathe machine.

  • It holds the job on its spindle nose having external screw threads and internally Morse taper for holding lathe center. And it is rotating at a different speed by cone pulley or all geared drive. There is a hole throughout spindle for handling long bar work.
  • Head Stock transmits power from the spindle to the feed rod, lead screw and thread cutting mechanism.

Accessories mounted on headstock spindle:

  1. Three jaw chuck
  2. Four jaw chuck
  3. Lathe center and lathe dog
  4. Collect chuck
  5. Faceplate
  6. Magnetic chuck

A separate quick change gearbox is placed below the headstock to reduce the speed in order to have different feed rates for threading and automatic lateral movement of the carriage. The feed rod is used for most turning operations and the lead screw is used for thread cutting operations.


It is the base of the lathe machine. It is made of the single-piece casting of  Cast Iron. The bed consists of two heavy metal slides running lengthwise, with ways or ‘V’ formed upon them and rigidly supported with cross girths.

  • It is sufficiently rigid and good damping capacity to absorb vibration.
  • It prevents the deflection produced by the cutting forces.
  • It supports the headstock, tailstock, carriage and other components of the lathe machine.


Tail Stock is situated on the right side above the lathe bed.
It is used for:

  • Support the long end of the job for holding and minimizes its sagging.
  • It holds the tool for performing different operations like drilling, reaming, tapping, etc.
  • And it is also used for a small amount of taper for a long job by offsetting the tailstock.


  • The carriage is used to support, guide, and feed the tool against the job when the machining is done. It holds moves and controls the cutting tool.
  • It gives rigid supports to the tool during operations.
  • It transfers power from feed rod to cutting tool through apron mechanism for longitudinal cross-feeding.
  • It simplifies the thread cutting operation with the help of lead screw and half nut mechanism.

It is consists of:

  1. Saddle
  2. Cross-slide
  3. Compound rest
  4. Toolpost
  5. Apron

It provides three movements to the tool:

  1. Longitudinal feed-through carriage movement
  2. Cross feed-through  cross slide movement
  3. Angular feed-through top slide movement


Generally, it is made up of ‘H’ shaped casting and it has a ‘V’ guide and a flat guide for mounting it on the lathe bed guide ways.


It is assembled on the top of the saddle. The top surface of the cross-slide is provided with T-slot


It supports the tool post and cutting tool in its various positions. It can be swiveled at any desired position in the horizontal plane. It is necessary for turning angles and boring short tapers.


It is the topmost portion of the carriage and it is used to hold various cutting tools or tool holders.

There are three types of tool post commonly used and those are:

  1. Ring and rocker tool post
  2. Squarehead tool post
  3. Quick change tool post


An apron is a house of the feed mechanism. It is fastened to the saddle and hangover in front of the bed.


A lead screw is also known as a power screw or a translation screw. It converts rotational motion to linear motion. Lead Screw is used for Thread Cutting operation in a lathe machine tool.


Feed rod is used to move the carriage from the left side to the right side and also from the right side to the left side


Chuck is used to holding the work piece securely.


Esskay Brand Lathe Machines consists of following Features in our Lathe Machines

Esskay Machines Qualities

Best part of our machines are accuracy , we are conducting all accuracy trials on our machines  as per IS standard no 6040. Customer can get full satisfaction on our machines. We are using all branded items in our lathe machine, all gears are hardened and ground and made on Tos brand  Gear shaving machine. Bedways are flame hardened and flame hardened bed ways are covered by Turcit-B Linings. By this provision, bed life of machine will become longer around 25 years. All machine supplied with Operation manual, service manual, Foundation drawings, GA drawings, Electrical circuit drawings, spare parts purchase manuals etc.


Bed is hyperbolic bridge constructed and specially designed wide opening to easy chip disposal it is heavily built and robust constructed in Medium Duty 6feet Lathe Machines


Hardened and ground gears, spindle, spline, shaft quill,,Head stock body is latest designed by our engineers, the spindle is mounted on taper roller bearings and angular bearings, The headstock takes the load capacity of  spindle and the mechanism for driving it. In the belt-driven type headstock, the driving mechanism consists  of a cone pulley that drives the spindle power to run machine


The main function of the tailstock is to hold the revolving center or dead center to support one side of the work being machined between centers., it can also be used to hold live Centers, drills bits, reamers, and drill chucks. The tailstock moves on the bed ways along the length of the bed to work of different Lengths. It can be clamped in the desired position by the tailstock clamping nut.


The carriage drives the crossfeed slide and the compound rest which in turn carries the cutting tool in the tool post. The carriage slides on the ways along the bed
The wings of the H-shaped saddle contain the bearing surfaces which are fitted to the bed ways of the bed. The cross slide is machined to form a dovetail for the crossfeed slide. The crossfeed slide is very close fitted to the dovetail and has a tapered gib which fits between the carriage dovetail and the matching dovetail of the crossfeed slide.


The apron is attached to the front side( operator side ) of the
Carriage. It contains the controls of the movement of the
carriage for longitudinal feed and thread cutting. It controls the all movement of the cross-slide. One should thoroughly understand the construction and operation of the apron before attempting to operate the lathe.

Gear Box

for the inconvenience and loss of time involved in
removing and replacing change gears, ESSKAY Brand lathes have a self contained change gear mechanism,and its called a “quick-change gear box.or Norton Gear Box”
There are a number of types used on different types of lathes, but they are all similar in principle

After Sales Service

ESSKAY qualified and trained engineers are ready by 24 x 7 and available in any location of India. First year service is warranted and will be free of cost after completion of warranty period, it is chargeable, Installation charges are extra and chargeable.


Esskay is handling all type of logistics as per customer demand we provide door to door delivery services without any worries customer don’t have to arrange any logistics from our side.

Terms of Payment


24 X 7 Help Line services

  • We provide solutions on video call
  • Arrangement of Engineer services with in 24 hours
  • Provide help in video call for installing the machines
  • Customer operators Training will be provided free of cost at our factory.



10 ft Medium Lathe machine 270000
Four jaw chuck 400mm 18000
Electric machine 2hp 7000
Wooden box packing 12000
Total 307000
GST 18% 55260
Grand Total 362260


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