All you need to know about Lathe Machine 6 feet price and its specifications

ESSKAY is one of the leading Lathe machine 6 feet – manufacturers situated in Batala, Punjab. We offer a wide variety of lathes, drills, hacksaws, milling machines, shapers, plano milers, welding equipment and measuring instruments in our product line. Our company has been in existence since 1984. Our goal is to provide high quality products accompanied by a Lathe Machine 6 feet price which is pocket-friendly. We also deal in all types of related products with odd spare parts of 6 feet lathe machines.

To perform multiple functions such as threading, cutting, drilling, knurling, distortion, grinding facing, and turning, A 6- feet lathe machine is a device that uses techniques that applies to the component to turn an object with consistency around that axis.  The main purposes of the 6 feet Lathe machine are woodcraft, metalworking, essence spinning, thermal diffuser and glass- working. Crockery can be formed using lathes and the Potter’s wheel is the most well-known design. An equipped 6 feet metalworking lathe can also be used to build  utmost solids of revolution, airplaneshells and screw  vestments or helices.

Lathe Machine 6 feet

How does the corridor determine the lathe machine 6 feet price?

The manufacturing of the 6  feet lathe machine is a  veritably tedious, time consuming and  expensive task because of the presence of multiple  corridors which at last adds to the lathe machine 6 feet price.

Parts of Lathe Machine – 6 Feet

The lathe beds are constructed of premium cast iron. By fusing high cheekbones with powerful cross caricatures, it is possible to comprehend a bed with low vibration and high severity.

Two flawlessly ground vee slideways that are an unbreakable partner for the carriage and headstock are supported by heat hardening and grinding. The main drive motor is mounted to the opposite of this lathe bed.

The 6 feet lathe machine’s carriage is made of premium cast iron as well. There is smooth ground in the sliding corridors. The Cross-slide is mounted on the carriage and moves along a dove-tailguideways at right angle to the bedways can get used to using for play.

The mounted emulsion slide on the slide can be turned through. The  emulsion slide and the cross slide  trip in a dovetail slide and have compound rest. The emulsion slide is fitted with a four-way tool post.

The head stock in the 6  feet lathe machine is cast from high grade, low vibration cast iron; on other hand the four-way tool post is mounted on the  emulsion slide and allows a  outside of four tools to be mounted  contemporaneously. Flashback to use a minimum of two  setting screws when installing a  slice tool.  The apron of a 6 feet lathe machine is mounted to the carriage.

In the apron half of the nut is fitted. The screw with half a nut can become accustomed from the outside. While the lead screw and feed rod are organized on the face of the machine’s bed, the half nut is connected by means of a switch. They are wired to the left-hand gearbox so that they can be fed and led automatically. On both ends, bushings support them. Both have legs made of brass shears.

The high-quality cast iron gear box in this machine is mounted to the left side of the machine bed, and the steady rest supports shafts at the free tail stock end. To prevent unseasonable wear and tear, the sliding fitted constantly lubricate the points where they come into contact with the work piece.

Turning operations are performed using the Follow rest on long, slender work pieces. It restrains the work piece from bending under the constraint of the slice tool. The sliding parts are positioned similarly to the steady rest, with play allowed but without restriction. To prevent unseasonable wear and tear, the sliding parts constantly lubricate the points where they come into contact with the work piece.

Approximate lathe machine 6 feet price with detailed description

The lathe machine 6 feet price quoted by our company is Rs. 150,000 per unit with the following specifications :

Size950 MM Distance Of Between Center, Various Sizes
ModelEKL-614, EKL-616
MotorThree Phase
Warranty2 Years
ConditionBrand new model
Frequency50-60 Hz, 50 Hz,
 Dealing InNew machine Only
ApplicationIti College, Industrial, Industrial Instrument
Power SourceElectric
Spindle Bore80 mm., Up To 152 mm
Spindle Nose6 TPI
Width of Bed250 mm, Up to 1270 mm
Centre Height300 To 1066 mm
Length Of Bed1370 mm, 6 feet
Power Required2 H.P. 1440 RPM
Automatic GradeManual, Semi-Automatic, Automatic
Automation GradeSemi-Automatic, Automatic
Lathe Machine TypeFloor Lathe, Horizontal Lathe
Max Swing Over Bed500-750 mm, 250-500 mm, 500-1000 mm
Admit between center1000 MM – 10000 MM
Metric Range Threads0.5 to 7.5 mm
Max Turning Diameter(millimeter)150mm TO 2000 mm

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